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•  Please send a full selection of images

•  Your story must contain a minimum of 3-4 looks

•  Each image should have a credit list (outfit)

•  Your submission should be exclusive at least for 60 days after submitting to ANON Fashion Mag

•  Minimum requirement of the images is 10 - 25

•  Your editorial/story should be unpublished

•  Credits of the team required 

We occasionally accept submissions for online exclusive features and pitches for print. So please feel free to e-mail us with ideas and samples of your work. Furthermore, we are also always on the lookout for new and regular contributors, including photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators, and graphic designers. So, whether you are an established professional or the new kid on the block and you feel your work suits our style and quality, we can’t wait to hear from you!











When submitting photo shoots, please send a full selection of photographs and a credit list for all clothing/accessories used. ­If submitting a concept, please include text as well as visuals to explain your ideas and suggestions for potential models. Writers need to include samples of articles (published or unpublished), in particular interviews and in-depth features, with a brief pitch for three story ideas. 

E-mail Submissions:

If you are an agent and would like one of your talents to be featured, please simply provide us with their latest profile/resume or press release.

If your idea(s) and/or submission(s) are suitable for the magazine we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please email for all pitches or submissions, PDF or low res. jpegs only, please no transfer or download link.

Please allow 7 working days for us to respond. We try our very best to answer every submission, and will definitely review every email that is sent through. Due to the number of submissions we receive every day, we can’t guarantee we will get back to you if we don’t feel the work is what we’re looking for. 

If we don’t get back within a week please accept our apologies, but the shoot isn’t quite right for us.

Submitting Final Work:

Once approved publication, we will require the following from you:

All credits – from models and their agencies used to assistants that helped at the shoot and products and brands featured.

Image requirements – High-resolution Images – 300dpi minimum.

US Letter –
Single Pages –

US LETTER 215.9 mm Width x 279.4 mm Height
in min. 300 dpi TIFF CMYK US web coated (SWOP) V2
Include a 3.15 mm bleed if supplying to the exact dimensions.

Please also provide the story’s title, if you have one, and a two-sentence biography about yourself for our contributors’ page.

Additional Information:

Unfortunately, we do not supply free copies of the magazine. This is simply because of printing costs. However, we will happily provide links to the PDF format or information about where the magazine can be purchased.

Please refrain from posting approved images or stories online prior to the launch of the issue. We reserve the right to pull the story should you do so.

Submitter giving a guarantee to keep the exclusivity of the story for 60 days, if submitter would like to cancel the submission and break the exclusivity, then submitter will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of 100 Euro.

We are not liable for costs, if any, that occurred at your shoot. Please only carry out a shoot if you can financially afford to and have the necessary insurance to cover any unforeseen damage.

Commissioning letters do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. The editor will make the final decision. Decisions are based on the quality of submission and space available in the magazine. The issue that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change.

Please stick to the deadline and have arranged model release forms where appropriate.

Should you be unhappy with any of the points brought up, please discuss them with us prior to submitting.

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