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Highlight -THE COLLAGE ARTIST Edward Kanarecki #59

Edward Kanarecki is a 23-year-old Polish collage artist, author of Design & Culture by Ed (an e-journal he launched back in 2012) and art historian. He is self-taught in his collage practice and represents a unique outlook at fashion through his artistic work. Edward’s unique way of reporting and documenting fashion collections - which he came up back in 2015, as a response to being bored with people reposting the same runway photos on Instagram - involves the intriguing medium of collage.

He has chosen this artistic medium to convey his deep and insightful interest in the fashion industry (and its history), using various references to art, film, culture, daily life, and pretty much anything that inspires him. “My collages are absolutely personal, even if their subject is a look from a fashion show. It’s a fascinating dynamic. Fashion collages help me create narratives, mini-stories or a particular feeling that I imagine in my mind. They are sorts of a patchwork of different things I love, think about and obsess about. It can be a Luca Guadagnino film I adore; a photo I took of a horse when I was 15; or an odd-looking colour palette of a painting by an artist I’ve just discovered in Berlin... in a way, I absorb different inspirations and let it culminate in my work.” Music – from various Madonna eras to his contemporary favourites like Lana Del Rey and Caroline Polachek - is also extremely important for Kanarecki in his creative process: it inspires a rhythm, a kind of impulsiveness that’s visible in his idiosyncratic work. For the artist, creating collages is “an intertextual process, but on an intimate level. I call it instinctual-visual-intertextuality”, he sums up. Recently, Edward has cooperated with the renowned designer Magda Butrym on a collage campaign featuring her best-selling, flower-inspired footwear. Lotta Volkova, the mega-stylist, reposted his collages featuring Mowalola and Blumarine’s collections (that’s how Anon Mag discovered him during the recent Milan Fashion Week!).

The Polish artist has several collaborations behind the belt, spanning from creating unique content for F Is For Fendi and Aimee Song to making collage visuals for Rosie Assoulin and Kachorovska. Moreover, Edward’s body of work has been featured in such magazines as Vogue Turkey, Les Temps Suisse and Madame Germany.

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