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Just as a cast of characters serendipitously meets on a luxury train echoing a bygone era, so do the various narrative threads of the House in this year’s Gucci Gift campaign. With the destination unknown, the focus turns to the magic of the journey itself and the wonders that can be found in moments of togetherness during one’s travels.

Whether on their way to a faraway destination or on their way home from one, the protagonists of the Gucci Gift campaign climb aboard a fanciful locomotive with all those essentials needed to portray themselves on a personal journey in an unknown world. Envisioned by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the images captured by Carlijn Jacobs and the film shot by Jordan Hemingway cast a light on the shimmering and joyful spirit of the festive season. As passenger meets passenger, items from the House’s kaleidoscopic collections catch synchrony with each other. A monogram travel selection from the Gucci Valigeria collection crosses paths with evening pieces including fine jewelry and watches, sparkling shoes, precious leather bags, gold-toned minaudieres, and ready-to-wear looks portraying elevated elegance from the Gucci Cosmogonie collection. Tableware and home decorations from Gucci Décor, and Gucci Lifestyle accessories, including pieces from the Gucci Pet Collection also appear alongside signature handbags in tone-on-tone palettes and pastel GG matelassé leather. Through each encounter and exchange, wonders wait to be discovered, each epiphany a gift on this starlit train ride.


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