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Fragrances of 2022- The Most Amazing Men's/Women’s Perfume Brands This Season!

Whether you’re looking for a new signature scent, or need a can’t go wrong selection to gift to a friend, check out a few of our all time favorites below.

Check out our picks for some of the best-selling perfumes this season, including a few all natural options for all the “synthetic” haters out there. What we like best about the options below, is that most of these can carry you from one season to the next. Spray yourself a little happy with one of the best smelling women’s perfume brands in 2022.


Armani Beauty Sì Passione Eau de Parfum

1. Armani Beauty Sì Passione Eau de Parfum:

Fragrance Family: Florals

Scent Type: Fruity Florals

Key Notes: Rose, Woody Vanilla

Fragrance Description: Alluring and bold yet fruity and fresh, this feminine fragrance strikes the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated. After opening with a burst of sparkling pear, the seductive scent reveals a deep rose-petal heart and a smoldering woody-vanilla base.

About the Bottle: The striking red-lacquer bottle is an iconic symbol of passion and love.

About the Fragrance: Capturing the essence of passion and love, Sì Passione evokes "an irresistible combination of grace, strength, and independence of spirit," as said by Mr. Armani. It is for the woman who is passionate, feminine, and free.

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume

2. Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Perfume:

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Earthy Green & Herbs

Key Notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt, Sage

Fragrance Description: Escape the everyday along the windswept shore. Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. Lively, spirited, and totally joyful.

About the Fragrance: Jo Malone London colognes are meant to be combined. This means you can layer and mix more than one fragrance to create your own unique, individual scent. Spray perfume liberally and layer with bath and body products to make the most out of your scented experience.

Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Black Opium’ Perfume

’ 3. Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette Spray:

Our special Musk "recipe": Begins with an

initial creamy, fresh citrus burst of Bergamot

Nectar and Orange Blossom Follows with a

soft floral bouquet of Rose, Lily, Ylang-Ylang

and Neroli Dries down to a warm, sensual

Oriental finish of Tonka Nut, White

Patchouli and, of course, Musk.

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Black Opium’ Perfume:

Elegant, Aesthetic and Addictive. The Black

Opium awakens your senses, while

the Coffee Accord and Orange Blossom greets

you with its energizing notes. A splendid

concoction of Cedarwood Essence

and Patchouli Essene entices you with its

seductive and feminine notes, followed

by the sweetness of Vanilla reclining with the

mushiness of soft flowers leading

you in the arms of pure oriental ecstasy.

Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

5. Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

A floral fragrance for contemporary women Soft, light, crisp, feminine & alluring Top notes are African orange flower, rose & iris Middle notes are tuberose & pink pepper Base notes are benzoin & musk Launched in 2005 Perfect for all occasions.

Flowerbomb Fragrance by ViktorRolf:

6. Flowerbomb Fragrance by ViktorRolf:

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Warm & Sweet Gourmands

Key Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Patchouli

Fragrance Description: This floral perfume for women explodes with an intoxicating whirl of cattleya, jasmine, and rose. The warm scent of patchouli and vanilla grounds the fresh fragrance, adding a sensual twist on the scent reminiscent of a room filled with rose petals.

About the Bottle: The instantly recognizable grenade fragrance bottle displays the soft-pink hue of the floral women's perfume within, contrasting the harsh shape with a distinctly feminine scent encapsulated within.

About the Fragrance: This luxe feminine perfume is a veritable summer garden party in a bottle. Exploding with floral scents of rosebud and jasmine accented by a warm patchouli and vanilla cologne base, this perfume for women exudes classic femininity through warm floral fragrances.

This fragrance is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

" MEN "

A good men's fragrance is the perfect way to punctuate any outfit. And although a well-tailored suit and a fresh haircut certainly give power in your style arsenal, it is still the finishing touch that sets the tone. When your aim is to dress for success, be mindful to choose the right scent that

works for your personality and body chemistry.

Chanel BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Parfum

1. Chanel BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Parfum:

Fragrance Family: Earthy and Woody

Scent Type: Warm Woods

Key Notes: Citrus Accord, Labdanum, Sandalwood Cedar

Fragrance Description:

Unexpected and undeniably bold. Fresh, clean, and profoundly sensual, the woody, aromatic fragrance reveals the spirit of a man who chooses his own destiny with independence and determination—a man who defies convention.


The men’s fragrance features a fresh Citrus accord followed by ambery Cedar notes. Woods are amplified by Tonka Bean and Vanilla for heightened sensuality. New Caledonian Sandalwood unfolds at the base for greater depth.

Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Parfum

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Citrus & Woods

Key Notes: Sage, Geranium, Sensual Wood

Fragrance Description: This is a seductive interpretation of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white T-shirt and black jacket. It is a bold and woody men's fragrance. The juice is embodied by the Y signature scent with sophisticated notes of sage and geranium.

About the Fragrance: This masculine scent is a fragrant interpretation of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white T-shirt and black jacket. It is an intense portrayal of masculinity in a sophisticated perfume.

3. DOLCE & GABBANA K by Dolce & Gabbana:

Fragrance Family: Earthy & Woody

Scent Type: Citrus & Woods

Key Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Pimento, Sicilian Lemon, Blood Orange

Fragrance Description: This Mediterranean woody aromatic respects traditions while embracing modernity. The citrus freshness of blood orange and Sicilian lemon scent embrace the senses. Heart notes ignite the citruses with the amber accents of clary sage, married with crisp geranium and energizing lavandin. An unexpected spark of fiery pimento essence gives to K by Dolce&Gabbana a strong personality. Then comes the sensuality of cedarwood, blended with two elegant and masculine ingredients: green vetiver and patchouli. K by Dolce&Gabbana is a blazing, charismatic trail of lingering seduction.

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma

4. Valentino Uomo Born in Roma:

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Cool Spices

Key Notes: Violet, Vetiver, Ginger

Fragrance Description: Born in Roma Uomo is a modern aromatic vetiver fragrance. The signature Valentino couture scent comes through with notes of aromatic sage and smoked vetiver, which is shaken up with the unmistakable edge of mineral salt and spicy ginger.

About the Bottle: This fragrance is presented in a stunning, all-black bottle with Valentino’s iconic stud, then contrasted with a pop of punk pink color.

About the Fragrance: Notes in this fragrance include: top notes of violet leaf absolute, ginger essence, and cedar essence; medium notes of sage essence, lavender essence, peppermint essence, and salt accord; and base notes of vetiver essence, agalwood, and guaiac wood essence.

5. Paco Rabanne Invictus Victory:

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Cool Spices

Key Notes: Citrus Pepper Accord, Lavender, Vanilla

Fragrance Description: Invictus Victory features a fresh boost of sharp lemon and powerful incense followed by full-bodied tonka bean and potent vanilla for perfectly matched freshness and intensity.

About the Bottle: The trophy-shaped bottle rests on a strong base and has a glossy black color with a golden "V" for a new, transcendent intensity.

About the Fragrance: A unique combination of freshness and sensuality defines this long-lasting scent.

6. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille :

Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Woody Spices

Key Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, Ginger

Fragrance Description: TOM FORD reinvents classic tobacco with creamy tonka bean, vanilla, cocoa, dry fruit accords, and sweet wood sap for a modern, opulent, and heady impression of confidence and power.

About the Bottle: The 50 mL and 100 mL flacons have the sleek look of a chess piece. Carved with consummate craftmanship, they add monumental beauty to a dressing table or grooming area, while a chocolate-brown set-up box completes the design.

About the Fragrance: "Tobacco Vanille is opulent, warm, and iconic. Reminiscent of an English gentleman‘s club and blended with rich spices, vanilla, and tobacco flower, it leaves a powerful impression."—Tom Ford

In the event, you are riddled with questions about fragrance, here are a few responses from the experts below:

-What’s the difference between an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum ?

Eau de toilette and eau de parfum may sound similar, but they’re entirely different. Thankfully, it’s easy to remember what makes each unique. Essentially, an eau de toilette is lighter and wispier than an eau de parfum, which tends to be more concentrated, and is thus stronger in aroma. The two vary in intensity, with eau de parfum containing a higher strength and concentration of fragrance. Because the fragrance profile of an eau de toilette is lighter, this is what most people turn to for daily use. The product has more essential oils and a lower alcohol content, making it suitable for daily use.

That said, for some people, an eau de toilette doesn’t have as strong a staying power on the skin as an eau de parfum, but of course, this all depends on the structure of the fragrance itself as well as the wearer. In contrast, an eau de parfum may be overpowering and only fit for a special occasion. Some companies offer the same scent in both an eau de toilette and an eau de parfum version—in this case, it’s likely that the fragrance is exactly the same, but the concentrations in each differ.

-What’s the best way to wear a cologne so it lasts?

Looking to make the most of your cologne? There are several do’s and don’ts to be mindful of.

Hydrate your skin: Ensuring your skin is well-hydrated pre-spritzing can make all the difference in the longevity of your cologne application. Moisturizing your skin prior to applying your cologne gives the fragrance something to stick on and absorb into—unlike applying it to dry skin, which can cause it to be prone to evaporating quicker.

Apply after a shower: It’s best to apply your cologne immediately following a shower for the same reason you apply it to moisturized skin. After coming out of the shower, your pores are open and your skin is damp, making it better able to absorb the cologne and deliver a long-lasting scent.

Apply to pulse points: The old advice of spritzing your cologne onto your wrists to make it last longer is dead-on. This is because your wrist is a pulse point and is where your veins are closest to the skin’s surface. This creates a warmer environment for the scent to stick to, which ultimately helps it last longer.

Avoid rubbing wrists together: Rubbing your wrists together after application can break down the fragrance, making it escape from your skin sooner and ultimately counteracting what you’re trying to accomplish.

Don’t over-apply: Whatever you do, resist the urge to over-apply your cologne. While you may think spritzing on half the bottle will make the scent last longer, colognes are meant to be sprayed one to two times (especially if you’re not using the eau de toilette variety). Also, many formulas are designed to distribute different notes as they sit on your skin throughout the day, and over-applying can hinder this natural process.

-Does cologne go on skin or clothes?

Some people prefer misting their cologne into the air and walking through it. That’s fine; however, others make the prime mistake of spritzing it directly onto their clothes. This is a faux pas because colognes are meant to mix with the natural oils of your skin, not the fabric of your clothes. While application to your clothes may make your shirt or jacket smell good, it doesn’t allow the cologne to actually hit your skin. This can hinder its longevity, and can create nasty stains on your garments.

-Does Vaseline help cologne last longer?

If you’re looking to extend the life of your cologne, applying Vaseline to your pulse points (your wrists and neck) before spritzing on your product can be effective. Like moisturizing your skin pre-application (and applying cologne onto damp skin right after a shower), Vaseline creates a sticky surface for the cologne to stick to and allows the formula to last longer than it would have if it were applied straight onto dry skin. Some other areas you can apply Vaseline to for a long-lasting effect are your knees, inner elbows and neck.

-How long does a bottle of cologne last?

The standard shelf life of a bottle of cologne varies, but it’s typically three to five years. Still, you should always check the label of your product to confirm. Because fragrance isn’t like food in the sense of having an expiration date, in some cases it may be appropriate to continue using it past the five-year mark. Formulas with heavier base notes tend to be longer-lasting, while oil-based fragrances as well as those with citrus notes tend to have a shorter shelf life. In either case, if your product smells sour, appears oxidized, or boasts an acidic or metallic scent, this may be a sign that too much oxygen entered your bottle and it may be time to toss it.

-Does cologne cover body odor? Fragrances are unique in that, as they linger, they mix with your body’s natural chemistry to create a distinct scent that’s unique to you. This is why the way a cologne smells on one person may be completely different from how the same formula smells on you. When it comes to body odor, cologne definitely isn’t a replacement for deodorant. That being said, one school of thought is that cologne can actually complement body odor. Some studies have even shown that the chemistry between a cologne and your natural odor is linked to attracting potential sexual partners.

-Is it okay to put cologne under your armpits?

While cologne should be applied directly to the skin to increase its longevity and wear time, applying it directly onto your armpits can be the source of irritation—especially if you have sensitive skin to begin with. Some argue that doing so can have an effect on melanin production in this area—in other words, it can lead to the darkening of armpits—though there’s little science to back this claim up. That being said, if you’re concerned with sweaty armpits and don’t have a deodorant on hand, you may be able to get away with doing a spritz or two on your underarm area while wearing a shirt.

-How should I store my cologne?

Don’t ignore the “store in a cool, dry place” on the bottle of your colognes—they’re written on there for a good reason. Many people store their fragrances in their bathroom, but because your bathroom tends to be a warm, moist environment, it’s not the best choice of storage when it comes to your fragrance.

Your cologne is best stored in its original box, standing upright, and in a cool environment such as your nightstand, inside your closet or tucked inside your dresser drawer. Also, avoid putting your fragrance in the refrigerator—while this may prove to be beneficial for your hydrogel sheet mask, your fridge can oxidize the cologne or degrade the formula.

-What are the different layers of fragrance notes in a cologne?

Fragrances are an intricate grooming essential in that they contain many layers (or notes). The notes of a cologne refer to what you smell from the beginning of the application to what you smell hours afterward. Think of fragrance notes like a pyramid, with the top notes being at the peak, heart (or middle) notes in the center, and the base notes on the bottom. The lower you go on the pyramid, the longer that note is meant to last.

Top notes: Think of the top notes of a fragrance as the topmost layer of the formula. This is what you smell when you first spritz on the product or apply it to a tester. This initial scent is what attracts (or detracts) people from purchasing, as it’s like the “first impression” of meeting the fragrance. Top notes have a high level of volatility, meaning they evaporate within the first five to 15 minutes of application.

Heart (or middle) notes: Heart notes, often referred to as middle notes, form the center of the pyramid. This layer usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes on the wearer, and it makes up the guts of the fragrance as it presents new notes to deepen the fragrance.

Base notes: Like heart notes, base notes offer a depth to the fragrance and form the longest-lasting layer of the fragrance—7 hours or more. This is the layer of the cologne that lingers the longest, and these notes tend to be richer as they sink into the skin.

-What are the most common notes in a cologne?

While every cologne formula is different, there are a few common notes that make up each layer of a cologne.

Top notes: That first impression you get with a top note can either make you fall in love with a cologne or deter you from it completely. Common top notes include lemon, basil, lavender, rose and orange. These notes are often lighter and fresher than the others, and typically have a citrus, floral or fruit component.

Heart (or middle) notes: Heart notes give off the truest scent of a cologne. The most common heart notes include cinnamon, cardamom, geranium and jasmine. This layer gives off a spice, wood or musk note depending on the cologne.

Base notes: Because base notes last longest on the skin, choosing a cologne that contains the one that suits your preferences is key. Popular base notes in a cologne can include sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, patchouli and vanilla. These notes tend to be full-bodied and can vary from herbal (by way of rosemary and basil) to woody (with earthier notes like sandalwood).

-How do I layer fragrances?

Layering fragrances can be seen as an art form. Layering is not to be confused with over-applying—it simply adds more depth and richness to the fragrance by way of using body wash, body lotion and cologne. This can ultimately make for a much longer-lasting scent, and can help you create the signature scent people will know you by. Ultimately, this fragrance cocktailing—or custom blending—tells those around you about your unique personality or your current emotional state. It’s like a mood ring, but with fragrances.

Layering your fragrances doesn’t have to mean spritzing on more than one cologne. If you’re looking to layer your fragrance, first choose your base layer. This includes a scented body wash that will provide the faintest aroma as you build up your layers. Next, use a hydrating body lotion to seal in your scent. This will also make for a longer staying power.

Finally, if you choose to layer your colognes, begin with the strongest scent and work your way down to the lightest scent. Applying in this order will ensure your strong colognes don’t overpower your lighter ones. You can also start with an eau de parfum and layer on an eau de toilette. If you’re concerned about going overboard with layering, avoid layering two heavy, full-bodied scents, as this can be overwhelming for the nose.


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