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Editorial - FROZEN ON FIRE #59

Photography & Art Direction Anastasiya Goncharova

Wardrobe Stylist Stela Plaka @stelaplaka Model Alice Hall @alice___hall

Represented by @independent_mgmt

Makeup & Hair Alice Maggioni @alicemaggioni Stylist Assistant Ricky Matt @_ricky_matt_

Anastasiya Goncharova is a Ukrainian photographer, creative director and floral designer based in Milan. At the beginning of her artistic career, she chose her creative name “Hedoniya” which has become a life philosophy rather than just a pseudonym. It lies at the core of Anastasiya’s works and artistic expression.

So what is this concept about?Hedoniya is an ability to see beauty, joy and purpose in simple and honest things, experiencing them as a whole. It is a manifestation of sensuality and human nature. The essence of Hedoniya is found in a balance of delicacy and roughness, simplicity and ambiguity.Hedoniya is a peaceful state of mind being reached by reconnection of the inner self with nature. It is a relief from artificial values. It is an awareness of the moment, and own presence in it with the heart wide open.

About “Frozen on fire” A visual reflection of “getting over the breakup” phases. It’s about the vital necessity of intense feelings and grieving times. Ambivalence, anger, denial, numbness, relapse... each of those leads to one purpose: relief.

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