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Editorial - ANDREW MATARAZZO #60

Anon Spotlight Interview

with Andrew Matarazzo

You move in and out of music and act seamlessly. Do you feel drawn to one more than the other? I think acting is my true passion and first love, but I could never live without music. I think they help me express different parts of myself in different ways, and luckily for me they can very much live in tandem. I think I have more control over the creation and release of music, which I love, whereas, in acting, you have no control over what projects you get to be part of. So I need both to feel fulfilled.

What was the process like for creating your latest single, Blood? Originally I wrote it for the Teen Wolf Movie, and later it was placed in Wolfpack but I ended up not making it either so I kept it for myself. I used a lot of the storyline from those projects to inspire it, but in the end, it became its own thing. I wanted to make a haunting, badass song that makes you feel pumped to be the bad guy. The music video was based on Dracula which was so fun to build on.

Considering some of the shows you’ve been on, which would you choose? Vampires or Werewolves? Honestly, I like the lore of Vampires so much more, and they fit my personality more. I love Underworld, Dracula, and Lost Boys. I’d love to play a Vampire in something.

Your music videos tend to be very cinematic. How did you decide to tackle them in this way? My music videos were really the perfect medium to fuse my actor self with my musician self. I like to make them like mini films based on cinema, and I never sing in my videos. I always play the lead role as if it's a movie, and the song is the soundtrack. It’s a fun way to bring the visuals of a track to life, but getting to play different characters in different genres.

In your song Blood, there is a lyric that says “something got a hold of me.” What is one vice that you have? I don’t know if it can be considered a vice, but sushi. I eat way too much and constantly think about it. If that doesn't count, I’d say I romanticize the past a lot. I look back at past relationships and moments and dream of reliving them.

If you had a job outside of the artistic space, what would it be? I think I’d want to be a paleontologist or an archaeologist! I love that stuff!

What are some projects you're working on right now that people can look forward to? I’m working on an EP and I am so excited to release a collection of songs together for the first time. I’m also writing and publishing my book within the next month or so, Bedlam. Three years in the making! It’s a YA, Post-apocalyptic fiction novel.

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