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AI Artist Jabe Covers ANON April23 Issue No.59 With his artistic Imagination of Artificial Intelligence. Check out the full story

My name is Jabe. I was born in Guadeloupe, a beautiful island in French West Indies. I come from a mixed family where all skin colours are represented. If I specify this it is so that you understand that all my AI creations reflect what I have known, the various origins that I have encountered and the many trips that I have had the chance to do. At 16 I left for Paris to follow art studies. At 18 I started exhibiting paintings before settling to study make-up for 2 years at Shu Uemura Cosmetics, which kickstarted my freelance makeup artist career. In 2013, I began a new career as a beauty creative director for several magazines, and cosmetics brands. Since then, I have kept developing my painting, photography and directing skills for high-end makeup and fashion brands thanks to my extended experience in the luxury industry.

I discovered the world of AI a few months ago. AI is a great tool for creative people like me. The possibilities that this tool gives us are endless. I repeat the word "tool" because many people are afraid of AI. But often those who are afraid are those who do not know AI. For AI to work, someone has to give it selected, calibrated information. The AI will mix them up, thousands of times, and it's the creative who will direct the AI to go in the direction he wants.

I use AI like I use a camera like I use one of my brushes... AI is for me the possibility of creating mood boards, directing my artistic sense towards new directions, of trying new things with little risk. And to all my artist friends, I would like to say that AI can mix, duplicate, magnify... But AI doesn't have that flame that we have in us that we call creativity.

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