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-At what age did you start modelling?

I started modelling when I was just 3 years old. So modelling is a second nature to me, it’s my safe place.

-What do you like and dislike about modelling?

I love everything about modelling!! I’ve met so many amazing creatives through the modelling industry. I get to travel and visit the most amazing places all around the world. I love dressing up in beautiful clothes and getting glammed up by incredible hair and makeup artists and working with great photographers.

-Who are your sisters & do they model?

My sisters are gorgeous!! India (16 ) and River (11) Woollard, and yes, they both model! My sisters are my best friends in the entire world. I’d do anything for them! You can find them on Instagram @indiawoollard and @river_w_official.


-Do you have any models you look up to and why?

Jasmine Dwyer, she is so so beautiful and she has done so many amazing photoshoots, she is Australian and living in New York City. Which is my dream! I’ve known her for ages now, she has always supported me and helped me when I needed it. Jasmine has such a beautiful heart. Definitely beautiful inside and out! @jasminedwyer

-What advice would you give someone trying to get into Modelling?

Find a trustworthy agency, and apply via email. Be confident in your self because you are beautiful. Modelling is hard work, so make sure you love it before diving straight in! And then after that, follow your heart and find your modelling style!

-what do you like to do other than modelling?

I love art! I love to paint and draw! I have two beautiful sisters India and River who I adore and love to spend time with. I have a puppy named chief who is a blonde Labradoodle, he’s so cuddly and loves going on long walks with me! I enjoy playing basketball and swimming.

-Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully living in NYC. I’m so lucky for all of the amazing opportunities I have had already in the last 15 years. So I will be grateful for whatever comes my way next! I cant wait to take you all on the journey with me!

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-What was your favourite photoshoot?

I don’t have a favourite, every photoshoot I do I find a new reason to love modelling. So therefore, I can’t pick a favourite, I adore each one equally. I love when I get to travel for photo shoots though! Seeing new places and meeting new people is always fantastic!

-Do you get to keep the clothes from photoshoots?

Everyone always asks me this, and although I wish I could keep the clothes from photoshoots, the answer is no, unfortunately not! Occasionally a brand will gift something to me, but I never get to keep all the clothes from a shoot.


Meika Woollard @meikawoollard

Photographed by

Ed Purnomo @edpurnomo



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