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Instagram Star
Coco Pink Princess The Fashion ICON
of All Kids 

-How do you feel when people recognize you on the streets?
I feel happy that so many people know me and it makes me want to keep challenging.

-Do you get special treatment in your friend's circle?
Not really. At school, everyone understands and supports my activity.

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-How special do you feel about yourself being featured on many big brands campaigns?
I don’t know how special it is but I feel happy when my friends tell me they saw the campaign.

-Do you enjoy studio shoot more than outdoor shoots?
I enjoy them both.

-Which is your favorite color?

My favorite color keeps changing but sky blue for now.

-Which clothing brand you love the most?
GUCCI because its traditional and also challenging

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-Are you interested in acting?

Yes. I challenged acting for the first time in a Japanese movie coming out in February 2021.

-Which cuisine do you prefer?

Sushi. I especially like Maguro.

-What present you’d like to get or to give yourself this Christmas?
I'd like to get a Camera. Because I want to learn how to take professional photos.

-Winters vs summers, why?

Winter because it snows.

- What is your favorite place to be on vacations?
I went to Paris for a shoot before and really liked it so I want to visit Paris again.

- What if you own Disneyland?

I will invite all my dear friends.

-Which agency represents you currently?

Now I have a temporary contract with DME in Japan.
I don’t have a contract overseas.

-Who inspired you to be where you are today?
No one in particular but probably the city of Harajuku.

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-If not model what you’d love to be?

There are so many things I want to do I haven't decided yet.

-Describe your perfect day off when you are not modeling?
Drawing and Cooking at home.
And then going to Harajuku for shopping and eating sweets.

-How were you discovered?

Through Instagram.

-What do you love to wear when you chill at home?
I wear my favorite Pajamas.

-What are your hobbies?

Besides fashion it would be drawing, cooking and flower arrangement.

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