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           ’m Summer de Snoo, born on March 9th 2009. I’m known for my modeling and    my football skills. Already at the age of four I did my first photoshoot. A few years later I was invited to visit a highly regarded modelling agency in Milan. Together with my mother I traveled to Italy to explore the possibilities of a modelling career. After signing my first deal I knew a career as a professional model became a serious opportunity. I did a lot of shoots, both for my social media channels as for smaller fashion labels.

Things started getting bigger, and the well known brands started reaching out to me. I walked the runway of Pitti Bimbo, did a big campaign for Dsquared2 and traveled to London, Los Angeles and New York to spread my wings posing for prominent fashion brands 

such as Monnalisa, Liu Jo, Mischka Aoki and Fracomina. Also outside of Europe I got noticed, resulting in signing a contract with a New York based modelling agency.

In 2020 a production company followed me for my own Documentary “Summer, Picture Perfect”, which became one of the most streamed documentaries of the Dutch video on demand platform “Videoland”. I also got nominated for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as an up-and-coming talent.


How were you discovered?

When I was sure I liked modeling as a career, my father sent lots of e-mails to agencies abroad, such as Italy. A few years later, an Italian modeling agency hired me and a few years later with a modeling agency in New


Winters vs summers, why?

I like summers more, of course! And that’s not just because of my name hahaha. But it’s just that I also get cold super easily. If it’s summer and it’s even slightly colder than 30 degrees, I'll already feel cold, haha! That’s why I love the summer more. In wintertime, I can also have lots of fun, but I prefer to sunbathe and swim and be silly in the summer.

What is your favorite place to be on vacations?

I have not yet been to many places on vacation, but if I have to choose, I guess I would choose Egypt. But Greece was incredible as well, there I could swim together with people I didn’t know, it was so much fun there. And in Egypt, I made a huge group of friends with whom I did fun stuff. It was so nice there, you could basically do anything. And the food was just so delicious!


Who inspired you to be where you are today?

I don’t really have someone who inspires me the most. But I do look up to Romee Strijd and Doutzen Kroes, since they are Dutch supermodels as well. They motivate me to keep going because I want to achieve the same things they did.

What do you think your future job can be?

I think I would love to be a model. Although I also want to play football for as long as possible, modeling is a job that I think I will want to do for a long time and which will be my job for the foreseeable future.

What’s the funniest thing you have ever done?

I honestly can’t choose, LOL! I’m just super weird, like actually weird. I put my head in the snow, I get hysterical when I watch a funny show and roll over the floor laughing, I really do everything! So I don’t know which moment to choose. I just don’t want to take myself too seriously.

Why do you think kids go to school?

Well, I think it’s very important to go to school. Many kids like me, have dreams of becoming artists or athletes, but I understand very well that one day you’ll need what you’ve learned in school. For instance, when I’m abroad I need to speak English or understand other cultures. I learn that at school. I feel lucky to be able to go to school and I have nice teachers and school friends; I learn a lot from all of them.


What kind of prank would you pull on your friends?

Well, I love to scare my friends a lot! I think that’s funny. And I also love to prank on April Fool’s day, then I go all out on my friends! And when we’re out somewhere where they don’t know the way, sometimes I will just walk away so they’re lost, LOL, I am that bad. Or I will put something gross in their shoes.


What are your plans for this year?

I don’t really have any plans set for this year, but I definitely want to go to America and I want to just do a lot of shoots.

What do you love to wear when you chill at home?

I really love to wear tracksuits or to chill in my pajamas. Or other loose-fitting clothing like flair pants, that’s all so comfortable. I also love leggings!

Which was your first shoot and how did you like it?

I was four years old when I did my first shoot, which was just for fun. It was in the dunes and I wore white clothes. I loved it so much! I could just smile and laugh how I wanted. I could basically do everything I wanted to do at that moment, and it made me want to continue doing that! Nowadays I cannot do everything I want during a shoot. But I love every minute of shooting, even if I cannot smile every time!



Photographed by Zoe Adlersberg @zoes_photo
Stylist Mindi Smith @mindismithxo
MUAH Cecilia Romero 

Talent represented by

SEISEI Management

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