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-Winters vs summers, why?

I prefer winter, because I like to layer and love going to the snow. The holidays are also during winter and I love the feel of that time of the year, since you can cuddle up to a fire and watch movies.

-How do you feel when people recognize you on the streets?

It's definitely a surreal experience. The first time I got recognized, I was actually on vacation in Hawaii It warms my heart when kids come up to me and tell me they love the show. I always love talking with fans.

-What is your favorite place to be on vacations?

Italy was one of the most beautiful places l've ever been, and I've been so excited to go back. I can't wait to eat all the pasta and see all the beautiful views when everything opens up again.

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-Do you get special treatment in your friend's circle?

Absolutely not haha, which I'm happy about. My friends have known me since I was little and always make me feel grounded and at home when I'm with them. It's nice coming home to my normal life with all my friends and just do teenager things.


-Who inspired you to be where you are today?

My parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders and have inspired me to always follow my dreams and believe in myself.

-If not an actress, then what would you love to be?

If I wasn't an actress, I would be a chef. I grew up in the kitchen and have always had a love for food and learning recipes.

-Do you enjoy studio shoot more than outdoor shoots?

Outdoor shoots are more fun for sure. I love being outside and there are so many more poses and different props you can use if you're outside. Plus, pictures in nature always come out better.

-Which clothing brand you love the most?

I love 'For Love and Lemons. Their clothes are so fun and flirty and think they capture my style perfectly.

-Which cuisine do you prefer?

Sushi is my favorite food, but I love all Asian cuisine.


-Describe your perfect day off when you are not shooting?

A chill night in with all my friends, watching a movie is my idea of a perfect day off. Good food and good people.


-How were you discovered?

I went to a small acting school next to my house and the lady who ran the class became my manager and the rest is history!


-What do you love to wear when you chill at home?

You will always catch me in a matching sweat suit at home. I love comfy clothes and I like to wear cute matching sets, so I feel a little bit more put together haha!

-With which celebrity would you like to go to dinner with?

Sarah Paulson is so talented, but she also has the best personality and I think we would have an amazing time at dinner. I want to hear all of her stories!




Jackie R. Jacobson

 @jackierjacobson Covering Dec20 issue. 
Photographed by 
Styled by @aleherself
Make up by @makeupbydion
Hair by @hairbybradleyleake
Manage by @strategicpublic

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