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W23 collection - W&W goes to Finland

W&W goes to Finland

Some may say that Finland is dark in winter, but only in the darkness can one see the Northern lights dancing in the sky. Watching the aurora light up the sky in an enchanting display of bright green apple, purple, red or pink is the colour inspiration for this collection. Finland is a haven for fun winter activities where vast natural landscapes are covered in a blanket of snow. Don't forget our puffer ski jacket to stay warm outside! The Finnish culture has a strong connection with the land. By being close to nature, kids discover and learn to take care of nature, respect animals and the environment. An idyllic place for making unforgettable childhood memories; imagine zipping over the soft white powder on a dogsled, snowmobiling through the wilderness, cross country skiing or perhaps ice skating or ice fishing on frozen lakes rugged up in cozy outfits. To be comfortable in the cold, you'll need to pack our winter collection for a quintessential winter wonderland experience. Cozy beanies and scarves a must!

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