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TRUE ARTIST - Gift and dress ideas to shine this Xmas

Barcelona, November 22h. True Artist presents contemporary, fun, colourful, and high-quality products to hit the spot this Christmas season. A variety of unique garments and easy-to-match accessories that kids will want to wear.


We all have a true Artist inside us. True in the sense of genuine, loyal, honest. Children are true artists. True to themselves, children create from the heart. Words may be local, but feelings are universal. Words are not enough to express our intuitions. We use shapes, textures, sounds, and colors to make emotion visible, honest, and shareable. True Artist is the form of an emotion. Let’s give wings to what wants to fly.

True Artist aims to be a bridge between children and artists, bringing children’s creative capacity in contact with the Artist’s universe, covering a wide range of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, music, and dance.

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