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The Matita’s adventure, an independent publishing house, was born in Venice in 2022 from the intuition of Delphine Trouillard. French woman with a multifaceted profile, with a degree in mathematics and a long collaboration with Palazzo Grassi. Since she became the mother of Mathilde and Louise, she has created a series of silent book for children, adults and beauty lovers. The protagonists are architecture, urban planning, design and the environment. Without forgetting the eco-sustainability of the product.

Matita refers to the object par excellence of drawing and writing, graphite or colored lead enclosed in a wooden sheath. The logo, designed by Leonardo Sonnoli, represents in a minimal, clean and stylized way, the hexagonal section of the only drawing and creation tool capable of bringing together children, adults, architects and illustrators.

Matita marks a strong novelty in the panorama of publishing for children (and not only) with the six- monthly publication of silent book, illustrated by artists and edited by architects, capable of creating stories of architecture and spaces of lived reality, developing the perception, knowledge and imagination of the environment around us.

Matita’s collection of books, without text but not without history, intrigues the little ones, from 3 years old, and fascinates the older ones with original and detailed illustrations of architecture, palaces, squares, historic centres, urban and natural landscapes. Matita’s books are inclusive and universal, accessible to all: they are open to any personal interpretation thanks to the drawings on their wordless pages, offering extraordinary moments of sharing and exchange between parents and children.

Matita’s publications become a series of backdrops in which to discover and imagine adventures, and constitute a real pedagogical tool for developing not only the language and vocabulary of the little ones, but also their aptitude for understanding the symbolic messages of the architectures we live in. Matitais a sustainable publishing house, it is committed to defending the environment through a 100% Made in Italy production, using only vegetable inks and paper from certified forests. For its publications, it relies on the know-how and excellence of local and internationally renowned historic typographies. To transform the first step of the editorial project into reality, with Libro “1” Matita chooses a crowdfunding campaign, a great fundraising bet on the Ulule platform starting from 6 March 2023 for a duration of 30 days.

Libro “1” is edited by the architects Stefania Agostini and Luca Mostarda, from Studio AMArchitectrue in Milan, and illustrated by the French artist Catherine Cordasco. Libro “1” is the story in images of iconic places such as the playground, the school corridor or the train compartment, and of domestic environments, of the rooms of the house with their iconic and design objects, which begins in the 1980s and ends in the present day, offering parents an unforgettable journey through time to share with their children.

During the presale campaign, for every ten books sold, Matita donates one to the Mission Bambini organization, an association that helps children who do not have books to read. Con il lancio di Libro “1” sono disponibili creazioni speciali firmate Matita, oggetti artigianali unici a sostegno del Made in Italy e a celebrazione della città di Venezia e delle sue architetture moderne e poco conosciute, ma di grande interesse. With the launch of Libro “1”, special creations signed by Matita are available, unique handcrafted objects in support of Made in Italy and in celebration of the city of Venice and its modern and little- known, but of great interest, architecture.

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