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Born at the top of the world, Surabhi Khanal is a Nepali-American, international model, activist, television personality, and beauty queen who fell in love with the world of media, fashion, and beauty at a young age of 16. Her journey began with television, beauty pageants, and local runway shows eventually catching bigger campaigns in New York, Mumbai, and Milan.

Coming from a South-Asian heritage, Surabhi is very vocal about increasing more Nepali representation and removing stigmas in the world of fashion and beauty as she wishes to make a significant impact by inspiring young girls to be pioneers. As she says, “Society still associates modeling and beauty with certain stigmas that make young girls fear their image or safety due to stereotypical narratives. We, as a society, need to work on deconstructing such narratives so that no one feels scared or vulnerable simply for following their dreams.”

Team Credits:

Photographer: Fadil Berisha

Talent: Surabhi Khanal

Makeup & Hair: Tore MUA

Stylist: Blair Berisha

Gown: Sherri Hill

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