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Killing me softly

My name is Desiree Rizzo, I am a 23-year-old emerging Fashion Stylist, born in Italy.

My passion for art and fashion started with me in 1998 on the 8th of January.

The latter has always been a fundamental part of my life; creating, experimenting, being able to communicate without having to speak, I believe they are the things I do best in life.

I graduated from DAMS (Discipline delle arti, musiche e spettacolo) in 2019 with top marks, and after graduating I moved to Milan where I studied Fashion Stylist at the "IED di Milano".

During my fashion studies, I made several editorials, woman, man, child and I'm working now on a "still life" project.

Creating all this for me was not easy at all, many times I thought of giving up because I did not feel up to it, and because I had few people who believed in me. But there was one thing above all that kept me going: Passion.

I did everything myself, I looked for photographers, models, locations, looks, even searching through my wardrobes, for me having to do it was a fixed point during all my days. The job of Fashion Stylist is not easy, it's as if Fashion Stylists have an extra eye, maybe even two; and there, on set, I realized how to pay attention to all the details. Knowing how to answer all the questions my team asked me, in fact, came so naturally to me that I finally believed that I knew how to do all this.

The Child Editorial was one of my most complicated projects, but one that I loved the most. It lasted 8 hours, changed 6 locations and 12 looks, with a little girl who was only 7 years old, under the hot Sicilian sun, all in one day. But I had the great fortune to have a team that supported me in everything. At every shoot and change of look, I was so proud of myself and what I was managing to do on my own, without anyone to explain it to me. Even my model Baby commented to me at the end of the job: "Today was the best day of my life".

In every editorial, there is a part of me, of my life, my character, and my weaknesses, maybe that's why I treat every editorial as if it were my own child and I am very jealous of it.

Creative Director: Desiree Rizzo

Photographer: Elisa Nicolosi

Fashion Stylist: Desiree Rizzo Grooming: Desiree Rizzo Model: Matilde Scalisi

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