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Silvia Coluccelli Kids Photographer

I am a photographer and mother of a young daughter, Anna Stella. I was born in Italy and have lived in Switzerland for many years.

I love music, and movies, I like reading, being in touch with nature and animals... And I love photography and art in all its forms.

I got into photography relatively late, although it has always fascinated me.

I bought my first camera when I was 24 years old. I started by taking photos (horrible ones that are currently locked hermetically in a drawer) and then decided that I wanted my passion to become my job.

I studied photography in Milan with passion, dedication, and with the ambition to realize my dream of becoming a photographer.

My goal was to specialize in architectural and interior photography, but then as you might know life does not always follow logical and linear threads, so one day (by pure chance) I found myself photographing children for a catalog.

At the end of that day, I decided that I would never stop!

Being together with them, so spontaneous, carefree, and free to be themselves gives me great energy. Capturing the connection with children is my greatest inspiration...

I photograph children and doing so makes me happy!

I like to make them feel comfortable and free to express themselves, and at the same time, I like to guide and engage them in stories inspired by my imagination.

To date, I have many years of experience in the children's fashion industry. I make images for catalogs, advertisements, and editorials.

I collaborate very often with the fashion stylist Ornella, with whom I have the pleasure of sharing this interview of mine. I have a lot of affinity with her and what I appreciate most is that she never puts barriers on my ideas, even the most outlandish ones!

In general, I am a big believer in collaborations, in teamwork that makes a difference, and I love to surround myself with people with positive energy, adults and especially children!

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