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I’m very happy to represent for your attention my NEW unique charity photo sessions to help hearing-impaired children, which took place in the theatre's main hall and ballet classroom)

After surgery on the introduction of cochlear implants, young patients need a long adaptation to the world of hearing, they have to relearn how to think, speak and hear. All the children in the photo are undergoing rehabilitation after ear surgery, not in medical institutions, but in the theater, because it is acting techniques that help children overcome psychological clamps for months, not years, to carry out normal communication.

The Maly Theater has been successfully working with hearing-impaired children for the second season. The charitable cultural and educational project "Logotheater" for preschoolers with cochlear implants was created a year ago jointly with the National Medical Research Center of Otorhinolaryngology under the leadership of N.A. Daikhes. Children with hearing impairments who have undergone surgery for the introduction of a cochlear implant are engaged in the "Logotheater". Classes in acting, stage speech, and plastic education are conducted with them by teachers of the children's studio, who are assisted by a doctor specializing in this problem.

"When I see how children come to the theater, how they study, how they treat teachers, it pleases me. After all, the theater is the place where they will learn only good things. I would really like to wish that the children's studio become a “real life” school for them, the school of the Maly Theater. So that this remains in their hearts forever – as a moral guideline in life," - says Yuri Solomin, artistic director of the Maly Theater, about the pupils of the "Logotheater".

At the beginning of the new, 267th season, Maly is presenting to the audience the photo exhibition "I hear in the theater", created by photographer Natalia Perova.

"A few years ago, I noticed that people with hearing aids are photographed indelicately, and many brands refuse to take them off at all. To correct this injustice, I chose the social direction of photography ..." – says Natalia. She herself, being hard of hearing, decided to talk about people who faced similar difficulties in communicating with the outside world.

Natalia is actively supported by her husband Vladimir, who is looking for social projects that support hearing-impaired people, and organizes photo exhibitions telling about projects whereas many viewers as possible can get acquainted with them:

"The problem of adaptation of the hard of hearing is very close to me, two people close to me faced it – Natasha and our eldest daughter Sasha. Both wear hearing aids. I am happy to support my wife in her social photo projects. Now we are together talking about this problem to the public at our photo exhibitions."

The heroes of the new photo shoots are the pupils of the "Logotheater". The photo exhibition "I hear in the theater" is an opportunity to show people around that there are no insurmountable obstacles for children with hearing impairments, and the theater, like nothing else, helps to feel it.


Photography Natalia Perova @natashaperova_kids

Creative Director Vladimir

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