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Our Mission

Petite ‘n Pretty sparks the imaginations of the next generations through products made just for them. Everything is designed to work with petite-sized features, each shade and finish is developed to be age-appropriate and every formula is proven safe. We’re here to provide young creatives with the best first beauty experience and inspire them as they embark on their beauty journey.

From the Founder

Petite ‘n Pretty started with my first makeup memory of my mom freshening up her lipstick. I felt so pretty when she dusted a hint of blush across my cheeks. As a beauty authority, with a 17-year career developing award-winning products for the most prominent prestige beauty brands in the industry, the most common question from moms alike was "what's the best product to give my kid so they stop stealing mine?" I created Petite 'n Pretty to work with petite-sized features where each shade and formula is developed to be age-appropriate. My goal is to inspire, empower and encourage creativity throughout your beauty journey right from the start. XOXO,

Sam Cutler, Founder

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