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Ornella Rota Fashion Stylist & Set Designer

"As a versatile freelance stylist, I have established a rich portfolio collaborating with numerous fashion magazines, and food and set designers, and serving as a consultant for several children's fashion brands. My entry into the advertising industry was paved through a European community competition exclusive to 50 women, following my humanistic studies. Combining my two greatest passions - travel and building lifelong friendships - brings me immense satisfaction.

My inquisitive nature and keen attention to detail enable me to appreciate every small element that contributes to my work. My experience spans various niches, including women's fashion, children's fashion, and set designing, with the privilege of working alongside world-renowned photographers.

Working with children remains one of my favorite aspects of my profession. Their pure souls radiate an unbridled sense of happiness and freedom that keeps me young and energized. I thrive on weaving narratives, experimenting with fabrics, and exploring innovative materials. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, such as Silvia, who shares the same level of enthusiasm and passion for their work, brings out the best in me.

My passion for excellence transcends into my personal life, where I exhibit the same level of dedication to hosting dinners and parties as I do when setting up a photographic set. In everything I undertake, I always strive to give my best, knowing that each project presents an opportunity to grow and improve my craft.

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