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One day - Digital issue Nov#58

md: Sonya Novitskaya @novitskaia2022

designer: @anna_po, @simple_po_studio

ph & retouch: @4ernulya_kids

style & mua: @novitskaia.e

loc: Equestrian club ‘North star‘

A little about myself: my name is Katya Chernyavskaya. I have been interested in photography since childhood, I always wanted to be photographed. But two years ago I realized that I wanted to be on the other side of the camera. I shoot teenagers and children. I love creativity. There are very deep thoughts in this direction that are waiting to be realized.

I work in several Russian cities. I also shoot for local brands (clothing, outerwear, jewelry, bags) supporting and promoting them.

footwear - Graceland

boots - flea market in Berlin

skirt - @simple_po_studio

jacket - Oodji

sweatshirt - Vitoria Vicci

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