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With their inherent desire to explore, the kids are on another adventure...


The kids ramble across the grassy fields, picking their way towards the bay. Curious and brimming with enthusiasm, they construct a camp with the sun shining and a weekend carefree; in the name of exploration, they set off in pursuit of other adventures, laughing and scampering about the terrain.

The joy of exploration inspired our 12th collection celebrating the work of multifaceted artist Anni Albers, who made textiles her elemental form of expression, combining the craft of hand-weaving with the essence of modern art. This collection plays with her combinations of colours; mossy greens, lemons, tonal shades and hints of brick and brights. The weft of a weaver’s work reflects in the stripes, and the linear and textile-illumed prints, a creative mix of mid-century modern and retro sun-bleached sunny days.

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