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"IDA Y VUELTA" (roundtrip)

Last week,

we wanted to visit our grand parents

down south, but for some reason

the entire airport was closed.

As kids, we also love to play and

not be bothered by minor setbacks.

Fun is imagination. Our adventures

sometimes lead us onto unexpected ways

which can then become new destinations.

On Julia Sweatshirt Bass10 by el Corte Inglés

Shorts by Sfera kids, Socks by Vintage

On Eric Shirt by H&M, Shorts by Bass10 by El Corte Inglés, Socks by H&M

On Julia TOP Bass10 by El Corte Inglés, Shorts by Sfera kids

On model Eric T-SHIRT Bass10 by El Corte Inglés, Jeans by Sfera kids


Photographed by Nina W. Melton


Producer Setup Productions Services, Pierre Mallmann


Model Julia Tous @julia.tous

REPRESENTED BY salvadormodels @salvadormodels

Model Eric @salvador models

Fashion Designer Subdued @subdued

Fashion Designer Sfera Kids


Accessory Designer Flying Tiger


Makeup Artist Emma Hausmann


Fashion Designer El Corte Ingles










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