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Hot Summer Day

Retoucher Pro Post Retouch @pro_post_retouch

Photographer Valentyna Pugachova @valentynapugachova

Model Charlotte Cottier @_charlotte_cottier_

Model Julie Cottier @_julie_cottier_

Model Lada Pugachova @lada_pugachova

Photography is my second profession. In the past, I was a Ukrainian actress. And starred in movies and TV shows. In my filmography, there is even a TV series “Servant of the People”, where I was in the same cadre with the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

When my children were born, I devoted myself completely to them. The schedule of acting life has ceased to suit me.

The transition to photography happened very organically. My eldest daughter Lada is a small, but already famous model. I am her producer and have been behind the scenes of beautiful shootings with her participation many times. Each time I was fascinated by the process and suddenly I wanted to become not a spectator myself, but the main participant in the process. I am inspired by work in commercial children's photography, where everything is adult;)

And so, two years ago I went for professional knowledge in photography at the Modern Photo school in Kyiv, where I took personal mentoring from the creative Photographer and Art Director-Natasha Volk. Thanks to an individual approach, I quickly got used to professional venues, and my graduation project «Shades of smiles» was published in your ANON Kid´s Magazine

The main conclusion that I came to in my short career is that teamwork is very important. It's cool when a photographer can combine two functions at once: Photographer and Art Director. And being the Art Director of my projects, I know how to assemble the very team that will help me realize my plans.

Photography has become my entrance ticket to the world of talented creative people. Stylists, make-up artists, decorators.

The war in Ukraine forced me to flee my native Kyiv. So, a few months ago, I moved to Prague with two children. I was able to take with me only a backpack with a camera and a small bag with clothes. But the greatest value is my portfolio, including publications of bright projects in ANON Kid´s Magazine. Thanks to him without connections, after two weeks of arrival in a new country, I began to actively shoot and work with European brands. Photography for me is not a job, it's a way of life. And now I am writing for you and at the same time generating ideas for future projects;)

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