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Editorial - camping near the sea #50

#anonfashionmag #anonfashionkids #anonfashionmagazine #anoneditorial

#anonkidseditorial #kidswear #kidsfashion #kidsmagazine #kidspublication

There is a story about a kind of camping near the sea. Kids are just looking for the future, using water equipment, and running through the beach. It was some contrast between the feelings of kids and the weather on this day. But they are will be excited about everything

Photographer Vitalik Melnikov @vitalikmelnikov_

Producer V Olya @olyavoleva

Stylist Roxane Mercerat @roxanemercerat

Makeup & Hair Eva Pique @evapiquemakeup

Models Nacho @nacho.espejo1 / @letroch_kids,

Valeria @valericruz12 / @frontrowmodels,

Cayden @cayden_xqw / @frontrowmodels

Location Espaimar CNBadalona @espaimar_cnb

Retouch Walter Olio @walterolio

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