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Photographed by Irina Yakunina


Stylist Ekaterina Dorovskaya


Model Masha Vainer


Model Masha Vainer


Model Masha Vainer @mariya_vainer

My name is Masha Vainer. I am 7 years old, I was born in the capital of Belarus – the beautiful city of Minsk. I love ballet and everything to do with it. I've been doing ballet since I was three. I really like to attend performances of opera and ballet at the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus. I like to paint because the lines on the canvas allow me to express my understanding of the world and all that is important for a person. I really like horses and riding. Horses with their beauty and strength, stamina and power, nobility, and devotion inspire respect that makes you feel confident.

Model Masha Vainer @mariya_vainer

My Hobbies is I like to travel with my family. I am very grateful to my parents for the opportunity to see different cities and countries at a young age. The most memorable countries I have visited are Italy and Spain. I like to study at school, I like mathematics most of all from educational subjects. I like to solve examples and problems, find answers to logical questions. In mathematics, everything obeys certain rules that are easy to understand, and that are the same for absolutely everyone. I also like modeling – this is an opportunity to find new acquaintances in the fashion world, to achieve an international level due to its hard work and determination.

In my free time, I like to read books and meet friends, have fun. I am happy to help my mother prepare tasty and useful dishes and desserts.


My Dreams is When I grow up, I dream of opening my own restaurant of Mediterranean or European cuisine. After all, in the restaurant chefs and cooks trick, creating all sorts of magical goodies that visitors like so much. I also dream of traveling the world. After all, travel is independence, freedom from routine, the opportunity to live another life, expand your horizons, and get acquainted with the culture and life of people living in other countries.









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