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Since Karla was a baby, she liked being a model and she really enjoyed being photographed. But this changed when her family gave her a camera as a present for her sixteenth birthday.

During the first year, Karla was learning by doing photography classes and training a lot.

What Karla was clear about was that she wanted to make a career with children of the fashion world.

From then until now Karla has become a well-known photographer not only in Spain but also around Europe and this is astonishing considering that Karla is only 21 years old.

What tells Karla about herself? She looks at herself as passionate, creative, enterprising, demanding, and with clear ideas. She has worked with different fashion brands, has been part of the production team of the Blue Seven and Pan con Chocolate brands, and some of her editorials have been published in magazines such as Ninsmoda Magazine (special Communion 2019), Petit Style, La Belle Kidz & Teen Fashion Magazine of New York, Luna Magazine and ANON Fashion Kids. And in addition, she organizes her own solidarity fashion show for children every year. Karla is always looking for new projects, she really loves challenges!

all models wearing outfits by Jelly Alligator

Photographed by Karla&Kids Photography


Film Production Nomad Media

Brand Jelly Alligator

Models Laia, Cahaya, Irene and Júlia

Location Estany de Banyoles









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