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This summer season, there are a lot of vibrant choices available for kids. The fashion critics of the Anon family suggest opting for brighter colours during this season. Our favourite colour recommendations are Salted Caramel, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow, Hot Pink, and Soft Lilac. Needless to say, our team of contributors, writers, fashion stylists, photographers, and videographers have brought unique fashion trends for little ones.


Issue No. 39

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Issue No. 39


Issue No. 39

Oversized Fashion klein

Photographed by Liselotte Habets @liselotte_habets Stylist Iris Meindertsma @irismeindertsmastyling Makeup & Hairstylist Esther Steen @esther_steen Models Zephyr
Represented by Hip4Kids agency @Hip4Kids Model Lilia
Represented by Hip4Kids agency @Hip4Kids Model Brooklyn
Represented by APL Models



Photographed by Jay Fenwick @jayfenwick Hair & Make up Amy Sachon @sachonmakeup Styling Lily May Shorten @lilymay.shorten digital tech Joanna Burrows @jo_burrows_



Photographer Kristina Steynfeld
Creative Producer Anna Rasulova
Stylist Inna Shchibrik
General partners of the project
branch of the network of salons for children and mothers "Kenguru" in Yekaterinburg flower salon "Dolina roz"
Makeup and styling Anna Titenko, Bella Smirnova, Anastasia Lotova, Maria Kolobova Models
Arina Kovsh, Alexandra Kovsh, Ekaterina Bacherikova, Elizaveta Bacherikova, Kirill Povalkin Elizaveta Dubova, Polina Novopashina, Nicole Novopashina, Sofiya Zavrazhnykh
Vera Shutaya, Victoria Kuzmina


Model Milana Spark @milanaspark Photographed by CLazarSchuler @clazarschuler Stylist Marissa Rose @marissastackstyles HMUA @janabizz


Photographer Anna Tambur @anna_tambur Creative Director Elena Pelevina @elena__pelevina Model Evgenii Shchebekov-Novoseleckii @shchebekovv Model Uliya Shchebekova @_shchebekova_ model agency Pelevina MODELS @pelevinamodels Model Viktoria Luzina
Model Evgenia Plotnikova @einnicoo
Model Mike Pelevin @mikepelevin

One spring day

Photographed by Lara Klunny @laraklunny Model Sofia Rak @sofia.rak
Stylist Marina Kukunova @marina_kukunova Model Evelina Klunnaya @evelynklunnaya Retoucher Lara Klunny @laraklunny

Spring mood

Photographed by Anastasia Slepnova @slepnova_kids Wardrobe Stylist Alena Zueva @alenazueva_ Makeup Artist Maria Vangelii @masha.vang Model Mara Zueva @mara_zueva Creative Director @znamkidscolore Anastasia Hvesuyk @znamkidscolore


Photographed by Rafa @f.estival
Stylist Sofia Achikhmina @sofia_achikhmina Models Anastasia Achikhmina @anas.tasia Sofia Achikhmina @so.fia 7

Dress me Mum

Model Gala Berroa @gala.berroa from @letroch_kids Photographed by Juan Miguel Herrero @juanmiguel.herrero Styling Silvia Hidalgo @silviahidalgo_mrshat
Makeup Marina Montero @marinamakeupmb


Photography by Olesja Mueller @olesjamueller
Wardrobe styling by Karen Lebrati @karenlebrati assisted by Sophie Rubiela Lead hair/makeup artist Sebastier Poirier @sebastienpoirier Assisted by Aurore Lebacle @aurore_lebacle
Estelle Andria @estelle__andria
Production assisted by

Brielle and Alisandra @teambrieandali Brooke @officialbrookemalanaphy Clementine @clementine.phoebe Poppy @poppy_tallulah101 Gabriela @gabrielatheresecaban Holly @hollyraineofficial
Hollyn @hollynlorraine_model Keightley @keightleyinparis Presley @presley_farensena Skylar @skylar_margeuerite Zoey @dumbo_zoey

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