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My daddy is superhero for me because he is always there to protect and save me from scary things.

What is your hobby?

I love gymnastics; I do this at a high level in my hometown. Besides that I love modeling, and when I’m at home I love to draw, paint, playing with makeup, and girly stuff like that. Just being creative.

How were you discovered?

My mom posted pictures of me on Instagram, and that’s when brands started approaching her. After a couple of months, Zara approached my mom and I became the Face for Zara Worldwide. And now I have a manager, Anthony Vos, and team Image Management that I work with.

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My name is Joeke Rovers, I’m 8 years old. I’m born in The Netherlands so I’m Dutch and from a small town, called Puttershoek.

Your perfect idea for vacation mountains or beaches?

The mountains! It’s because it reminds me of my ski holidays when I went skiing, playing with the snow, sledding, and make snowmen.

Your favorite cartoon?

My favorite is Donald Duck because I think he has so many stories and I just love that.

If you could become any cartoon character for one day, who would you be? Why?

Elsa from Frozen! Because she has magical powers and I want to use it to turn something into ice!

Which was your first shoot, and how did you like it?

My first photoshoot was for ‘Kijk magazine’ and what I loved about it was taking pictures

of course but also the fact that I could shoot in their pajama clothing line and wearing different clothes all the time.


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What makes you laugh the most and why?

Actually, my little brother when he tickles or hugs me.

Who is your superhero?

My daddy because he is always there to protect and save me from scary things.

Do you enjoy any sports and why did you choose those?

Gymnastics, playing soccer, jumping on the trampoline, and doing shoots (shooting is also a sport for me). The reason I like these sports is that I learn a lot from it.

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What is your favorite outfit for the home?

I enjoy wearing jeans combined with a t-shirt and a sweater or walking around in pajamas.


Joele Rovers 

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